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Tennis Australia Technique

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Tennis Australia Technique App is designed for the coach, teacher, parent and player to assist in technique development. Major features summary
* Record your players strokes in HD * Compare your players to reference strokes: - Side by side - Overlay - Set synchronisation point for comparison
* Analyse your players strokes using the annotation tools to highlight your analysis. Draw lines, measure angles, insert text and shapes, record voice over and take screen shots
* Time Delay – Use this function in your sessions to delay the action by 5–30 secs so players can view themselves and get immediate feedback
* Learn mode – model strokes for all stages (Red, Orange, Green and Yellow level) for all strokes in video and images
* Manage your files – rename, trim, split, delete, save to the cloud and the camera roll
* Communicate your analysis via email, Youtube, DropBox and Camera Roll
* Speedometer – measure the speed of your players shots